Sunday, 25 September 2011

SigMa's MAXbag?!!!

When I was leaving for India in January 2011, I was in search of a HUGE makeup bag that would hold my stash of makeup, no luck! Then I went on YT (youtube) and searched a review for a makeup bag and then I checked out a review on the Sigma Maxbag, let me just say that I'm "IN LOVE" with this bag!  I went on Sigma and bought it, but then I was like things are not always as they appear BUT to my surprise it was as described on Sigma's website. It's been 9 months now since I've bought this bag and I love it and I recommend this to ALL and I'm going to persuade my sisters to get it as well. I might buy more if i need some in the future. And onto the pictures!!! 
DISCLAIMER: I don't work for Sigma nor was this gifted to me, it was bought with my own money and my opinion on the item is of my own.

Sigma Maxbag from the front.

It has 2 pockets. 

1 big zipper.

Handle to carry from.

Sigma's Brushroll w/brushes fit into the Maxbag (review coming up Soon)

Sigma's Make Me Crazy brush kit ( reviewed in another blog) 

A look inside the Maxbag.

Maxbag packed with goodies.

Makeup Stash.

I forgot to show what I stored in the zipper inside, its more brushes :)

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  1. go on u r doing gud....can see u future best artist..:-) we all are with u