Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Review: Sigma Premium Professional Kit

This brush set is made for professional makeup application. I love this set because it has all the essential brushes you need, and plus you get a brush roll which is amazing. This set costs $139, but you get what you pay for, the brushes are comparable to MAC brushes, overall it's a must have whether you are just starting out, want to add to your collection, or for those that are an aspiring Makeup Artists :) So now it's review time:

An amazing brush roll that has a leather feel and easy to wipe off makeup.

It has a snap clasp that opens and shuts so your brushes will stay safe from the dust mites and from getting old, easy to travel with because all your brushes are in one place and not in a zipper compartment like my other brushes are.
You open the brush roll and you find 15 amazing brushes in their individual slots.
Flash on...

F20- Large Powder Brush also known as the paddle brush is great for applying loose powder to set your foundation.

F25-Tapered Face Brush as Sigma describes it as, "this brush is great for blending and applying highlighter to your cheeks." I like using this brush for powders or removing fall out from underneath the eyes AND blending out the contour color.

F10- Powder/Blush Brush, perfect for applying blush.

F15- Duo Fibre Powder/Blush, because of the duo fibres it works great with highly pigmented products so that it gives you the right amount of product needed, so you can always go back and build up the color.

F35- Tapered Highlighter which is similar to the F25 just smaller in size, this brush is wonderful to contour your face with and to highlight your cheeks, forehead, and the bridge of your nose.

F65- Large Concealer, ideal for concealing large areas and also great for applying and blending cream products.

E50- Large Fluff, LOVE this favorite brush to apply and blend highlighter color to the brow bone. Sigma describes this brush as "versatile fluff brush, Ideal for applying and blending powder products on the eyes and face. Can be used for applying single shades all over the lid, highlighting cheekbones, and for contouring." I also use this brush to blend around the crease color and will try to contour my face with this and see how it works out.

F75- Concealer, the brush I always reach out for when concealing under the eyes, like it better than the F70 which you get with the Complete Brush kit, which I also have :D

E25- Blending Brush, a must-have, great for applying and blending crease color, similar to MAC's 217.

E35- Tapered Blending Brush, great for blending out the crease color.

E45- Small Tapered Blending, great to use for precise application and blending of intense crease color.

E20- Short Shader Brush, ideal for smudging liner or colors.

E10- Small Eye Liner Brush, perfect for gel liners, but I prefer the E05  which you get with complete brush set.

E15- Flat Definer, great brush for tight lining (applying liner in the upper and  lower lashline to make your lashes look fuller.)

L05- Lip Brush, great to apply and blend lip color on your lips,  and small enough to throw in your purse to travel with.

Because on the lid your brush won't get contaminated in your purse.

Can put the lid on the back of the brush to make the brush longer and easy to hold.
To buy this Brush set click on this link and if you spend $25 or more you get a free gift :D

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Exotic Blue Ciren

Here is a look I created using blues, greens and gold, great for parties or for a girls day out :)
Now you don't have to use the same brands that I have listed below or even the same colors. You will need a teal green e/s, greenish gold e/s or pigment, a gold e/s, electric blue e/s, and a blue base.

Products Used: 
  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot
  • Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Pencil in Distress
  • MAC Surreal e/s
  • MAC Golden Olive Pigment
  • UD Half Baked e/s
  • CS 88 Color Electric Blue e/s
  • MAC Feline Eyeliner Pencil
  • Mascara (of ur choice) (can also use false lashes)
Brushes Used:
  • MAC 239
  • Sonia Kashuk Flat Shader Brush
  • Studio Tools Blending Brush
  • Sigma E25 Blending Brush
Apply MAC Painterly Paint Pot all over the lid.

Take MAC Surreal e/s on Sonia Kashuk flat shader brush.
Apply that color to the inner half of the corner.
Then take MAC Golden Olive Pigment on the other side of the  same shader brush.
Apply the Golden Olive Pigment on the outer half of the eye and then blend the two colors together.
So your lid should look something like this.
Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Pencil in Distress.

Take that blue shadestick and apply it to the crease.

Sigma E25 Blending Brush.

Using that brush blend the blue shadestick.

Should look something like this.

Take the Electric Blue shadow from the CS 88 Color Palette.

Taking that color on the Sonia Kashuk Shader brush and apply the blue color over the blue shadestick.

Take any round blending brush as shown above to blend the CS e/s. 

Blend the color in a windshield motion.

Should look like this. You can always go back and re-apply any eyeshadow that is wearing off. 

UD Half Baked Eyeshadow.

Take the tip of the MAC 239 flat shader brush and take a little bit of Half Baked e/s.

Place Half Baked e/s in the inner tear duct.

Taking the same e/s and apply it to the lower lashline.

And staying with the same UD e/s apply it to the browbone.

MAC Feline Eyeliner.

Apply the eyeliner to the upper waterline and upper lashline and wing it out a little bit.

Also line your lower waterline staying in the outer half.

Then taking the tip of MAC 239 brush and sweep the liner outwards creating a wing.

Apply your favorite mascara and we are DONE! :)
Hope you liked this look and keep in touch for more looks and how to create them step-by-step...Take Care and Stay Safe :)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

SigMa's MAXbag?!!!

When I was leaving for India in January 2011, I was in search of a HUGE makeup bag that would hold my stash of makeup, no luck! Then I went on YT (youtube) and searched a review for a makeup bag and then I checked out a review on the Sigma Maxbag, let me just say that I'm "IN LOVE" with this bag!  I went on Sigma and bought it, but then I was like things are not always as they appear BUT to my surprise it was as described on Sigma's website. It's been 9 months now since I've bought this bag and I love it and I recommend this to ALL and I'm going to persuade my sisters to get it as well. I might buy more if i need some in the future. And onto the pictures!!! 
DISCLAIMER: I don't work for Sigma nor was this gifted to me, it was bought with my own money and my opinion on the item is of my own.

Sigma Maxbag from the front.

It has 2 pockets. 

1 big zipper.

Handle to carry from.

Sigma's Brushroll w/brushes fit into the Maxbag (review coming up Soon)

Sigma's Make Me Crazy brush kit ( reviewed in another blog) 

A look inside the Maxbag.

Maxbag packed with goodies.

Makeup Stash.

I forgot to show what I stored in the zipper inside, its more brushes :)